Types of Printing Services

1. Large sign – Wide format printing

Want to be noticed? Want a signage that not just grabs anyone’s attention but will also turn heads? Large or wide format printing is one of the best ways to get notices instantly, anywhere and anytime. The best way to create visibility for your business in the print medium is to go in for wide format or large format printing. And Billboard Express specialises in wide format and large sign printing services.

At Billboard Express we employ the latest, state-of-the-art digital printers for any and all kinds of large and wide format printing. What does this essentially mean? Whatever you choose to be printed, the colour, design, or type can be printed on any type of material from paper to vinyl or plastic to even metal. Most of all, the printing process followed ensures design durability.

Here are few highlights of large or wide format printing:

  • The width of the print is anywhere between 18” and 100”
  • If it is over 100”, then it is grand format width
  • The usual large format prints would range from yard signage, aluminium, signage, vinyl banners, A-Frame signs, flags and more
  • The printing process followed incorporate screen or digital printing, and lithography
  • If digital printing process is followed, the colour and the presentation will be vibrant and uniform on any surface

Today, you will notice wide format or large format printing just about anywhere. It is placed anywhere where it catch your attention. Most industries use large or wide format printing. You can find it in shopping malls, as backdrops, cinema or theatre displays, retail stores, automobile showrooms, real estate, election campaigns, restaurants and more.

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2. Small format printing

Small format printing is not all about printing in small format. It is much more than that. A simple example would be printing in your home printer. The print format is definitely small format. Small format printing can be generated from inkjets or even laser printers. Any type of print media you require in the form of posters, fliers, pamphlets, photos, can be perfectly derived from small format printing.

Small format printing generates high-quality prints thanks to the different types of inks and printers in use.

A couple examples of small format printing which generates the desired effect are business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards, stickers and more.

All of these print media can be customized and are printed in bulk quantity. The finish, texture, the type of paper used and more can be generated with small format printers.

Small format printing requires expertise and knowhow. And this is something we at Print Image Signs have. We know how to professionally print based on the requirement and also customer inputs. The one thing we tell our customers is that bulk printing in small format printing is economical and affordable.

Key aspects of small format printing include:

  • You can print anything on practically any type of material and in large quantity
  • Personal or home printers can be employed for small format printing
  • For any marketing collateral initiatives, small format printing is the best
  • Cost-wise, it is cheaper especially when larger printing orders are placed

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