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Jobs done not just fast but well too

Short, quick turnarounds for any signage and printing services you seek. And this is our guarantee.

Armed with the latest technology and expertise

For any of our printing services, we are aide by the latest, fastest printers which deliver optimal quality prints.

One of the best in Australia

We are one of the few, established printing companies in the Gold Coast roundabouts in Australia who can undertaken printing services that run up to 3.2M wide.


We are eco-friendly and eco-conscious

Our HP Latex Printers are designed and built in such a way that not just safety aspects are considered, they designed as eco-friendly products.

Quality is our talking point

As we have mastered the art of incorporating technology with the best and the latest printers and materials, the resultant prints and images does all the talking.

We offer a 7-day account

With company purchase orders, we offer a 7-day account.  (Conditions apply)

For a free no obligations quote, or if you want to know more about our different printing services, or if you have any queries, connect with Billboard Express on our numbers- 07 5502 9255 or 0419 944 660 or email us at rob@printimagesigns.com.au.

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Quality Printing

HP 1500 3.2m wide at any length, 600dpi high resolution quality.

Fast Delivery

Fast turnaround and delivery Australia Wide.


Over 20 years of experience so you deal with experts.

Lowest Prices

We provide high quality products at the lowest prices.

hp Latex
We are eco-friendly and eco-conscious