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We have a range of large format HP printers and inks which allow us to achieve a professional result every time. We also use the latest range of HP Latex Ink Technology which is specifically designed for outdoor use. Latex Inks make a difference, in addition to delivering outstanding image quality, consistency, and durability, water-based HP Latex Inks offer an attractive environmental alternative.

We use environmentally friendly HP Latex inks:

  • Suitable for indoor spaces that solvent can’t, like healthcare – water-based HP Latex Ink prints are odorless
  • Healthier printing – no special ventilation required, no hazard warning, nickel free
  • Meet high standards -UL ECOLOGO®, UL GREENGUARD GOLD Certified, prints meet AgBB criteria
  • Compliance with international wallcovering industry standards.

We have an in-house graphic design team who are ready to bring your design to life. We can work with any idea you might already have or help create something from scratch to suit your projects needs.

Alternatively, if you already have artwork ready to go, we can utilise your files to achieve a great result.If you would like to use the skills of our graphic design team, please send us a brief design concept and a photo of the space the design will be used for so that we can send you a mockup of what the project will look like with the design concept you have.

If you are supplying your own artwork, there are a few requirements which need to be met in order to achieve the best outcome for your project. Please check our artwork requirements here before you submit your files.

Once your files are ready according to these specifications, please send them to troy@printimagesigns.com.au  We will then check your files, prepare them for production and send you a confirmation email with details about turnaround, payment and delivery.


A wrap is the process of completely or partially covering (wrapping) a boat with printed laminated vinyl material, 3M 1080 or factory solid colours. Wrapping a boat basically gives the boat a new look at a fraction of the cost of new paint job while protecting your boat’s gel coat finish against fading and minor scratches. They can also increase resale value on older boats and make it easier to sell that boat.

Depending on sun exposure and how well you care for you wrap, typical marine wraps are good for 5-7 years. The premium 3M vinyl we use has a lifespan of up to 7 years (depending on the type of vinyl used), which makes it comparable with a marine paint job. Vinyl is generally more fade resistant than paint, so you may find a vinyl wrap will keep your boat looking great for even longer than a paint job.

This depends on the job. When your wrap is ready for installation, it can typically be wrapped in a day or two.

Wraps can get damaged sometimes and need to be replaced. Your graphics are saved on file and we are able to reproduce sections of the wrap. If your gel coat gets damaged, make arrangements to get the gel coat repaired first. A vinyl boat wrap is quite sturdy, but if you do damage it, a repair can easily be made. Depending on the colour of the vinyl wrap, repairs can often be almost invisible.

Any joins or seams in the vinyl wrap will be visible on close inspection, but step back a few metres and you have no idea they were there. Once finished and back in the water, it’s very hard to tell that your boat has been vinyl wrapped rather than painted, especially when viewed from a few metres away or more. In some colours (such as metallic effects) joins can be more visible.

Vinyl is generally more fade-resistant than paint. The premium quality 3M vinyl we use is warrantied against fading, although solid colours do have better fade resistance properties than metallic colours. Quality vinyl that has been professionally applied and properly cared for should not lift or peel. Every vinyl wrap comes with up to 7 years warranty against material faults (dependent on the type of vinyl you choose), and a 1 year workmanship guarantee.

For racing yachts where weight is critical, a vinyl boat wrap will generally be no heavier than a spray paint job, and will probably be lighter.

Small bubbles or wrinkles may appear in your final wrap. This is normal with any graphic installation of super large graphics. The best installers in the world will have an occasional bubble or wrinkle and this is normal. These bubbles or wrinkles are few and far between and will normally only be found in tight crevices and extreme compound curve areas and they should be extremely small in size.

Vinyl boat wrapping can cost as little as half of the price of a marine paint job. The cost savings are further increased by the fact that boat wraps can be applied in as little as a day or two, and can be done outdoors, reducing yard and shed time. The cost difference between vinyl wrapping and marine painting is generally more for bigger boats than smaller ones.

Vinyl will scratch more easily than paint or gelcoat, but this is offset by the ease and low cost of repairs – simply cut out the affected area and stick on a patch for a near-invisible fix. You need to see vinyl as an alternative method to painting with its pros and cons. Since we offer a wide variety of vinyls there will always be a colour that will suit your needs.

The main factor is the height of your boat’s topsides. Vinyl is supplied in fixed widths, so if your boat’s topsides are slightly larger than the width of the vinyl, a second length would be needed for each side. Complex curves and hull fittings can also increase application time, and therefore cost. There are lots of ways we can work to keep the cost down for you though.

More or less, yes! We can apply vinyl to painted hulls (top coat or undercoat), gelcoats and aluminium boats, provided the surfaces are sound.

3M wraps offer protection against fuels and oils. Gasoline will eat through the boat vinyl wrap if not protected so special care must be taken around fuel. Please wipe down areas immediately.

The wrap can be removed cleanly with little or no adhesive residue for the first 5 years. After this period the adhesive will harden and will make it more difficult and time consuming to remove.

Your boat’s hull will need to be sound, with no flaking paint or excessively chalky gelcoat. You should also ensure that the hull is properly fared, as low or high spots will show up clearly under the vinyl. The hull should be clean and free from marine growth, mould or silicone. Hull fittings should ideally be removed, but if that’s not possible we can work around them.

Wash your vinyl boat wrap with soapy water only (never abrasives or solvents). It’s NOT recommended to use a pressure washer to wash the wrap because it may lift the wrap with its incredibly high water pressure. Use a wash & wax four times a year.

There are many, many options! Gloss, matte, brushed metal, carbon fibre, satin, metallic and, of course you can go with a custom boat graphic, perfect for advertisement on commercial boats, or sponsorship on racing yachts.

No, the adhesive is opaque, meaning it blocks all color from coming through.


We use the most recent HP Latex technology to ensure the highest quality and durability of your prints, however, the duration of printed graphics depends on a variety of factors. Here you can check the expected life of prints produced with HP Latex Inks on different media types and in different display environments based on internal testing by the HP Image Permanence Lab:null

Print Image Signs uses only top quality materials in order to guarantee you get the best performance and durability. We use HP Latex Inks along with 3M and Avery products to offer you, not only the highest quality but also the brand warranties.

  • 3M Performance Guarantee
  • 3M™ Matched Component System (MCS™) Warranty
  • Avery Integrated Component System (ICS) Performance Guarantee